Why our users prefer Riley over Fivestreet and Zillow concierges

Lead Engagement through Text Message

Imagine that your emails have a 90% open rate. How would this affect your conversion rates? With SMS, increase in conversion rates become possible. In fact, 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery.

That's why we're entirely SMS based.

Forget Typical Work Hours—We're 24/7

20% of leads reach out between 9pm and 8am.1 A typical concierge service doesn't work those hours, and neither does an ISA. Simply put, you won't be the first to respond to the lead.

However, the first agent to respond usually gets the lead. Because you're a human and you aren't 24/7, you're losing business!

Now imagine waking up in the morning with a list of hot leads waiting for your call. That’s what we guarantee. If you’re ever busy managing your business or your personal life, let Riley take over while you’re busy.

A Human Touch That Builds Confidence

Forget auto-responders. Sure, they immediately respond to your leads—but what happens when a lead texts back? Do you know what they said? What if they don’t hear back from you for hours? Our users care about relationships, and auto-responders are poor relationship builders.

Riley allows you to send personalized text messages that include the lead’s full name, the property address they looked at, and any other information you can provide us. Furthermore, we allow you to create scripts that our concierges use as a reference when engaging with the lead.

Claim the Lead at Your Convenience

The lead wants to view the house today? No problem. Our mobile apps display the conversation between our concierges and the lead in real-time.

Because you have control over when you claim the lead, you have more control over your own time. Which means you can spend more time closing and less time prequalifying.

You Don't Have a Lead Generation Problem...

...you have a response time problem. That's why you need Riley.

Try our service for yourself below. We're confident that our product will absolutely change the way you engage with your leads.

1. Based on our own data of over 23k leads.

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