How Do You Engage Leads While
On the Road?, At The Pool?, You Sleep?, At a Showing?, With Family?, On Vacation?

Easy! Have someone else do it for you.

How Do You Engage Leads While
On the Road?, At The Pool?, You Sleep?, At a Showing?, With Family?, On Vacation?

Easy! Have someone else do it for you.

Engage Leads While You Sleep

Riley works day and night to help you engage more leads.

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"Now I don't sleep with my phone next to me. Riley has given me peace of mind that my leads are being taken care of while I sleep."

Tristan Ahumada—Tristan and Associates, Keller Williams

A Personal Touch: Human Powered Messaging

Auto-responders simply don't work. Scroll through the conversation to see the phenomenal connection we made with the lead.

This lead reached out via late at night. Riley conversed with the lead, and when Barry woke up, he was able to continue the conversation. Simple.


Riley Concierge Hello! Thanks for contacting me about 5249 Thatcher Way. Do you have any questions about this property? :)
Brittney Are your really awake or is this auto response?
Brittney Because I do; I live in California I am relocating to Virginia Beach from Carlsbad you can call me tomorrow.
Concierge Yes I am awake. My name is Riley, member of Barry Jenkins' Friends in Real Estate Team.
Brittney Oh great I love the house I'm going through a divorce and have a five year old. I want a small place. Is this a short sale?
Riley Concierge Let me check if the property a short sale and I will give you an update about that. Can I ask if this property is in an area you prefer?
Brittney Yes school district, price and it's convenient to be in a condo I don't like mowing lawns or shoveling snow and you all have had enough of that these past years.
Brittney No I don't have a realtor yes I have a pre approval
Riley Concierge Thank you for that information. What other specifics about a home are important to you? Like number of bedrooms or bathrooms?
Brittney No I gave you the main. I will buy and renovate but it's not convenient I'm a single mother.
Brittney I still can't believe you're awake. That's dedication. I'm impressed
Riley Concierge Thank you for the compliment! Can I ask what's your schedule like in the next few days? Would you like to set a time to see the inside of a few homes to get a better idea of what's out there?
Riley Concierge I'm sorry to hear that you are a single mother but I do admire single mothers like you because I know they are doing their best for their family.
Brittney Thank you; I am doing my best. She needs a good school lets make it happen okay?
Brittney I don't care what it looks like.
Brittney Not kidding.
Riley Concierge We will try our best to make this happen for you and help you find your dream home.
Brittney ... It's not forever; I'm turning it into a rental very soon. So it doesn't haveto be perfect okay? Just in thee best school district you can land.
Brittney I know people who can make it pretty.
Riley Concierge I will take note of that. When do you think you’ll be in the area to schedule some viewings?
Brittney I'll be there end of month but again, I'll buy blindly if it passes princess painintheass's approval and an inspection. I'm moving on this quick.
Riley Concierge Alright, I will get to work and if I have any other questions, I will be in touch asap. Thank you for your time and goodnight!
Brittney Thank you! Get some rest!

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"Since utilizing Riley, our conversion rate has literally doubled on the same leads, from the same online portals, at the same ad spend as before. I credit Riley's quick and personal contact system for this. Now, when my agents are notified of a lead it's because an appointment has been set."

Barry Jenkins—Native American Group, BHGRE

Interact with Leads Once They're Ready

Stop wasting your time pre-qualifying leads. Riley takes care of the hard work for you.

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"I visited with CEO Daniel and CTO Helson last week at their very cool, chic, co-working space in Manhattan. By the time I left, I was so impressed with what I heard, I decided to become an Angel Investor. I am extremely excited to be on this journey with all of you at Riley."

Judy Weiniger—Weiniger Group, RE/MAX PREMIER

Integrate Into Your Workflow

We integrate with leading CRMs in the industry such as Follow Up Boss and LionDesk.

Andrea uses Follow Up Boss to manage her leads after they speak to Riley. She posted this image of her Follow Up Boss dashboard on Facebook.

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Image of Follow Up Boss dashboard.

"EPIC! Check out the push to convert on this deal. All via Text, while I'm at the pool. Notes right into my Follow Up Boss. Thank you guys!"

Andrea Romero—Visionary Home Group, Keller Williams

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